Fezzan Tours is a company of tourism founded in 1993 in Sebha city (South of Libya).
We are a skilled team of saharians.
Ergs, mountains, sand dunes, littoral, paintings, engravings and archeological sites hold no secrets for us.
It is by foot, camels or 4 wheel-drive vehicles that we will show you all these wonderful things.
Our Drivers -Cooks –and Guides were born in the desert and have been living there ever since.
We offer the following services:

  • Tourists incoming
  • Representation of tour operators
  • Desert expedition by 4 wheel-drive vehicles in the great Sahara
  • Visiting Libyan littoral exploring the historical and archeological sites including
    Phoenician, Roman, Greek, Byzantine and Arab sites.
  • Camels expeditions (Touareg people ride and guide camels)
  • Also we have special services for the adventurers coming with their own cars or motorcycles
    (Fuel- Water- Meals ...etc).
  • Folkloric festivals

    In addition to this, Fezzan Tours possess a saharian resort located in the beginning of the street
    leading to Gabroun lakes (140 kms from Sebha) offering the following services:
    Restaurant for popular meals. Area for camping.Saharian experts and guides. 4 wheel-drive vehicles Parking lot.
    For any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.